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Raven Howell

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Welcome to my site! I'm a children's author and poet. I write quite a bit and illustrate just a little for books and magazines, and am thrilled to share poetry, pictures, activities, writing advice and other tips. This is the inspirational place for reader, writer, student, teacher, parent, and friend!

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Universe Illustration
Illustration © Yeng Yang

The Gift of Poetry

What do you see on a breezy autumn morning? What do you hear on a busy city street? How does ice cream taste on a hot summer afternoon? What does the scent of freshly sharpened pencils remind you of? How do you feel when you sip hot chocolate? Ideas are everywhere, and poetry can be found in anything - ordinary and extraordinary.  Poems can send messages, help you understand someone else, get you thinking, cause wonder, and bring a smile to your face!


The Universe
Is all of space,
Each and every
Star and place,
It's all of time,
Dislikes and love,
All you fathom
Thinking of ...