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I'm a children's author, writing poetry and illustrating for books and magazines, and am thrilled to share poetry, pictures, writing advice and other good stuff from my picture books! 


 Explore the pages of my website to see more of my poetry and artwork, and have fun with my writing tips and activities for home or for the elementary classroom. Here you'll find a place for the reader, the writer, student, teacher, parent, and friend. There are plenty of updates, diverse information, poems, and a little inspiration! 

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An illustration from A Star Full of Sky by Caryn Schafer.

A peek at a page from my book with illustrator Carina Povarchik, Shimmer, Songs of Night


October zipped by as if on a quick witch's broom! We celebrated the long anticipated release of Shimmer, Songs of Night from Clear Fork Publishing (Spork Books). The pre-orders were way beyond our wildest dreams and I'm on a promo book tour now which it turns out will extend into next year! Wow. So many places are booking that we're scheduling into next year. I'm psyched! 





Here I'm teaching poetry in a classroom visit. I like to get everyone involved including the teachers, much to their surprise! I'm on the left, and the school teacher is by my side in the bright colored blouse as we read a 'poem in two voices'. Fun! The kids get a kick out of their teacher's involvement!

I'm not afraid of bats or crows,

I'm happy for the eel that glows,

I relish when a strong wind blows,

and gladly welcome UFO's!


- copyright 2017 Raven Howell

From A Star Full of Sky

Kelsay Books/Daffydowndilly Press


What do you see on a breezy autumn morning? What do you hear on a busy city street? How does ice cream taste on a hot summer afternoon? What does the scent of freshly sharpened pencils remind you of? How do you feel when you sip hot chocolate?

Ideas are everywhere, and poetry can be found in anything - ordinary and extraordinary.  Poems can send messages, help you understand someone else, get you thinking, cause wonder, and bring a smile to your face!


CHICKS from my book, Gibber

Could it be a

Hundred hatched, or am

I in this yellow

Corner of the barn up to my

Knees in a

Sweeping shimmer of sun. 

Fun trivia!

In Shimmer/Songs of Night lots of things in nature glow and shimmer at night. Guess which two out of these four are true night time “shimmerers”:

Brazilian caterpillars

crystal jellyfish

New Zealand glow worms

rain forest tree frogs




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